See the Wood for the Trees

Photos speak louder than words here. What is there to say about the clearance of all these unwanted trees, other than to eulogise about the view  and express a hope that the light and air given to those that remain may benefit their growth. Those remaining include two beautiful specimen oaks and the few  Scots Pines that have managed to remain strong and straight despite the crowd they grew in. These of course are loved by red squirrels, and with local wildlife in mind , we have also left a struggling Prunus avium which, beloved by birds, is a food source we did not want to loose. I also wanted to give light to a narrow alder. I love those beautiful examples at the Savill Garden and had always imagined having my own, and the number of whips issuing from the circumference of the tree gives me hope that it will now thicken up to the specimen I hope for.

Further towards the water’s edge where two  Eucalyptus and a number of weak and feeble birches and weeping willows have gone, I hope to plant a group of disease resistant elms. How satisfying it would be to see large elms here, a tree that was once such a feature of the landscape. I will wait patiently for the White Letter Hairstreak to come and then my cup shall surely over-flow…

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