Windows onto good neighbours

In the 1970’s when the Bullin’s left The Castle, they divided the kitchen garden in two. They kept a third when they built their new property.

The remaining space is more than ample for my needs. As well as dreaming of the Horticultural Show, I have a germinating idea of opening the Potting Shed in the mornings for an hour to sell flowers and veg to the village.  Such is the profusion of my kitchen garden, that I imagine myself finally triumphing over Sarah Raven and providing enough dahlias for myself and everyone else. It is hard to admit to myself and others that I am actually a failure with dahlias…..Still,  I have been a frustrated shop keeper since I spent my Saturdays working in ‘Vintage Pine’ and my scheme can flourish without the dahlia part.

At the moment the boundary dividing my neighbour’s kitchen garden from my own is a simple post and rail fence with chicken wire. While its lovely to chat across that boundary, their cockerel does not enjoy chatting to Peter. So I have chosen a line of yew to go in front of that fence which I can keep at a low level, say four foot high and then I can create a window through to next door. This way we can share cups of tea and exchange seeds. I expect to be the main beneficiary of this arrangement, their green fingers and knowledge of tender plants far exceeding mine.

Just as importantly my window to my neighbours will allow anyone visiting the garden to see that the two spaces were once one entity, the central path through the kitchen garden on my side lining up with the old gateway beyond.


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