(Petty) Cash in the attic

I have been away from the house for a week. In body, but not in spirit. My life has revolved around bat surveys, asbestos surveys and house clearance, organised from a distance on the mainland where the architects (two separate ones) for Olivers and the Castle, are based. However, as the house clearance people come to look around tomorrow, picking through the debris in the house became a priority. I have blogged before about the quantity of this, but ‘Cash in the Attic’ has piqued me into action. So today, we (I was accompanied by Ian the bricky, who seems to have as much love for a junk shop as I do) took whatever we could find of interest before it was all removed.

My choice was two taxidermy stag heads shot, I  think, by Harry Baldwin, which should remain in the house, despite my reservations about them.  Beautiful downy ears as though they were living and breathing last week combined with glacial Disney-esque eyes. I have never touched anything so obscenely dirty either, they need a hoover and a spell in the freezer to kill the denizens inside. Best keep them away from the Christmas turkey.   I have acquired  a gaudy piece of Clarice Cliff, some Burslem-ware, old nails (you know how much I love these), a massive tap, rather ironically an unused copy of ‘Bleak House’ and a large quantity of flower arranging paraphenalia, as I knew my grandmother would be very disapproving if I left it. She is long gone, but still a guiding light. Clearly I needed to take the old servants bells. But now it is all home, I wonder if I have been a little over enthusiastic. Will I really use a green pot vase shaped as a gondola?

The house clearance firm will take moth eaten carpets and curtains as well as all the remaining junk, meaning the newly appointed M&E Consultant can come to look at the existing heating system. The pipes are clad in asbestos and ramble around the house, loosing heat en- route to old cast iron radiators. The consultant  nodded warily when I expressed my desire to keep these pipes exposed as they would have been. I hate seeing lath walls smashed to chase in services, so I feel that I might also accommodate some surface wiring to the light switches. I am thinking of Cragside in feel. Further to my worries in ‘Addicted to eBay’ last week (as it is an old photo, it is listed way down in January) this is the new, bohemian me..


The stuff I do want to keep


Stella’s snowdrops in a gondola







5 thoughts on “(Petty) Cash in the attic

  1. Love the gondola with snowdrops 🙂 – feel free to come and have a look round Gunby again for further ‘bohemian’ inspiration x


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