I need a gin and tonic…

But not this many.

No matter how much house clearance I undertake, I keep forgetting to clear this boozy corner.  Now I leave it and go there intermittently to breathe deeply.

Usually this is when I want to write a blog about the house, but find I have said it all and have not progressed one inch for several months. In practice that is. We are doing quite well on paper, a  plan for every inch.

So I will take my holiday. Not abroad, but a holiday centred around the Bannerman’s Cornish garden, which I have yet to see despite being an avid garden visitor. The Bannerman’s are the creators of the Highgrove ‘Stumpery’, of the Jacobean garden at Arundel Castle, of the shockingly yellow Chinoiserie bridge at Woolbeding House.  I like to think that I don’t follow the crowd, whilst of course, doing exactly that. So like much of the garden world at the moment, I have a love of echiums, of sub- tropical planting and of surprising and shocking colour combinations. After Dixter, the Bannermans lead the way on this and they do it in a Castle, I suspect a real one, rather than a Victorian entrepreneur’s idea of one. So when I return, I will apply my findings to my tropical garden and report my progress.

Until then, here’s to Gin and Tonic and the English Summer.



Echium pininana
Echium pininana



4 thoughts on “I need a gin and tonic…

  1. Kate, absolutely loving your blog. As if the Pagoda House didn’t push you to the limit, wow what an amazing venture (or adventure) you’ve taken on!! I shall enjoy keeping up with you and watching the progress through your blog.

    Ps – your blog on the meeting with the tree officer had me in stitches, I have been trying to negotiate with the conservation officer on alterations to our new home as the first meeting went equally as ‘well’ as yours did re trees!

    Love to the family



      1. I think we must all be a little insane, but great fun nevertheless. Keep the blog going as I’m really enjoying living your journey vicariously plus your writing style is very engaging and quite enchanting xxxx


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