‘The Potting Shed’ Song

Going back to two of my earlier posts, the first written in November last year, ‘Peter Through the Potting Shed Door’ and the second ‘Heroes of Horticulture’, written in June, here at last is the song written about the potting shed by local St Helens’ songwriter, Mark Hickman. He has visited many times and wrote the song whilst there, the very unchanged interior inspiring his lyrics musing on the lives and conversations between the gardeners whilst they worked. It is hard to convey here, but it is Mark’s strong sense of the history of this building, of what the walls here have heard and witnessed which influence this song.

Including Mark’s short film is beyond my capabilities here, so here again are the Castle’s gardeners in about 1900 and some of my first photos taken of the building. A year later, nothing has changed, perhaps it is just a little less tidy and we do have some legal electrics now.  So thank you to Mark for allowing the song to appear here and I look forward to celebrating our gently restored shed late next year with Mark and many of my neighbours, the roof repaired, the chimney rebuilt, fires roaring, the dank smell of earth from well used benches scenting the air and a warming drink in hand.



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