About the Garden

I have known the Castle gardens for 12 years, looking over the garden walls from the bedroom windows of my house opposite.

Completely unplanned, the chance came buy the gardens and to restore this largely unspoiled site. We subsequently bought the house to which they belonged, giving us the chance to unite the house and the gardens.

The kitchen garden, which I could see from my bedroom, is two thirds of the original site and comprises greenhouses, potting shed and head gardener’s office. This now connects to the house and its garden and also to an additional pocket of land, also once part of this small estate, which runs down to to sheltered harbour and sandy low lying dunes , a site of scientific interest.

The garden comprises of sunny terraces, shady gothic pathways, summerhouses, vinery and fernery.  This blog is my diary of the gentle restoration of these gardens, with respect for red squirrels, glow worms and the air of mellow dilapidation that makes it special.