Dramatis Personae

Kate: Writer of the blog.

Jason: Her husband

Eve and Mary: their Two Arty Daughters

Hugh: their Tidy and Tasteful Architect Son

Peter: the family’s Welsh Terrier

James and Aiden: next door neighbours

Russell Page: landscape contractor with team including Luke and Trevor, the digger driver

Alasdair: Head gardener

Steph: Assistant gardener

Rileys: builders and first owners of the Castle

Bullins: James’ family, now our next door neighbour

Bacons: family from whom we bought the house.

Harry Baldwin: who bought the house in 1902 and made the most alterations to the fabric, pulling down the back crenelated ‘wing’and greenhouses and building his dentist surgery.

Mary Baldwin: his only daughter, who lived in the house until the 1950’s when she split the garden and developed the stable block into her home. The Castle was then sold to the Bullins.

Denis Bacon: The former owner of the Castle, founder of the St Helen’s Historical Society and researcher into the house’s history